$1.50 OFF each jar, 6 jars minimum plus FREE Shipping

Holiday, Bulk & Corporate Gifts

Fruit & Me can handle all your corporate gift needs. Discounts apply for bulk purchases.

Our Holiday Special Offer is: For every 7 packs of 6 jars each, in any combination of flavors you like, the 7th pack is FREE. Shipping for all 6+ jar orders are FREE. 

This offer applies to all of these options::
  • You can purchase a bulk amount and we'll ship it to you for your distribution.
  • You can give us a list of people you'd like to send it to using our Pre-Order Form or over the phone (832-245-5556) and we'll ship to your list by the delivery date you requested.
  • You can place the orders yourself online and we will manually reimburse the 7th orders. For example, if you buy 7 six packs, we'll reimburse you for one. If you buy 14 six packs, we'll reimburse you for two and so on in multiples of 7.
  • You can purchase Fruit & Me gift e-cards in bulk for your distribution or we can do it for you.

Or tell us how you'd like to do it and we'll help you. Call 832-245-5556 or email fruitfreedom@fruitandme.com. View product flyer here.